Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Made in China - Part One

Both Erick and Josh have always tried to avoid buying products made in China if at all possible. Erick, for example, refuses to buy a toaster made in China, meaning that his wife (me) is using a broken toaster until we can find one.
Why not buy "made in China" stuff? Well, it is usually poorer quality, it hurts our economy, and there is also the whole communist thing.
So anyway, this objection to Chinese-made products carries over into the business as well. Of course, we can't completely avoid carrying Chinese-made products because of demand and pricing, but we search far and wide for quality North American and European made products. We also have some great quality Japanese, Korean, and Indian made products that we are proud to carry.
This extra effort has paid off, as we have found that our customers appreciate an alternative to the All China, All the Time parade of products you find at many stores.

Which brings us to this:

We have carried these tuners for some time now, and they are a great product. They are among the most expensive tuners we carry. They were also formerly made in the U.S.A.. We were very dissapointed to learn that they are now made in China, and what is more, they are still selling at the same price as they were when they were made in the U.S.
So what to do? Well, we're going to blow them out at wholesale prices. They normally sell for $59.95, and now we're going to sell them for $34 each, plus shipping. When they're gone, we're not buying them any more, but we'll look around and see if we can find a comparable product made somewhere else.

We really think it's worth paying a little more, or looking a little harder for a better quality product. Keep checking back here for more in the Made in China series.


At 7:52 PM, Anonymous Albert Lim said...

I do import and export in China now and I can tell you they are selling MIC (Made-In-China) products over in the US at cutthroat prices.Think 1/5 to 1/10 of the retail price in US and you can figure out the retail price of the same product in China.

Quality is indeed inferior to a US made product in most aspects but if you balance that with the price, the justification can sometimes be made. Some things I do not need top -of-the-line and can save some bucks. However the prices they are selling it in the US is not justifiable.

The funny thing is the there is some reversal of fortune. USA brands and USA made products are extremely expensive in China. For a basic Gibson Les Paul Studio, you have to shell out around over 2500 USD. And Heritage, you can't even find them here. Over here, Cort is the one of the best brands of guitars!!

I managed to find some good solid top guitar builders at rock bottom prices. They satisfy my cravings to an extent but nothing can come even close to the Seagull Artist and Heritage 150CM I got from you guys.


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