Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Harbor Beach Amplifiers

In 2005 the engineers of Harbor Beach Audio approached C.B. Perkins with the idea of applying their pro and home audio technology to the instrument amplification world. This caught our attention and shortly thereafter we received the first prototype. We were impressed and excited to be involved in the development of this product. The goal was to develop a cabinet with the improved performance of a high end audio speaker, with the color and tradition of conventional instrument cabinets.

Over the course of the next two years we at C.B. Perkins would listen and evaluate various cabinets and speakers with a musician's ear, making suggestions on speaker types and the overall sound. C.B. Perkins and Harbor Beach Audio also spent time developing classic exterior designs for their boxes.

Only the highest quality materials and components are used for our cabinets.

Standard open back cabinets deliver a tube-iness and cabinet resonance that is warm and familiar, but can be somewhat muddy and slow. Conventional closed back cabinets and porting systems can help this problem, but Harbor Beach's unique design surpasses both options.

Our design expands the frequency range and efficiency of any driver, delivering a strong tight bass with more clarity, speed and imaging than traditional cabinets. For example when using an acoustic Piezo pick-up you will find the sound to be balanced, fast and warm with our cabinet. We also recognize some of the charms of the traditional open back sound, so we experimented with running the Harbor Beach as an extension. It proved to be a deadly duo.

Whether you choose to use our cabs exclusively or paired up, you are sure to find more pleasure and ease in your playing and listening.

Joshua Perkins
C.B. Perkins Inc

Designed and engineered by our top engineers in the USA, and proudly made in the USA.

Patent Pending


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