Monday, February 09, 2009

Guitar Repair - Not for Amateurs

Does your guitar need work? Why should you bring your guitar to a Luthier instead of your buddy's cousin who works out of his garage?

Our labor rates, though competitive, might be higher than that guy down the street, but have you thought about what you are paying for? Why is it worthwhile to bring your guitar to an experienced luthier? While you might think you're saving a few bucks, that cheaper work could cost you.

With our shop you are getting:

  • Experience. We have many years of experience working on guitars of all types. We interview you about your playing style so that your guitar will play and sound the way you want it to. That may include helping you choose the right pickup for the sound you're looking for, or doing a setup that will match your playing style.

    We know our way around guitar electronics, so your parts will be installed correctly, and they will work they way they should. If you ever have problems, bring it back and we will fix it. Guaranteed.

    Have a vintage guitar you want to restore? We have the experience and the appropriate parts (in most cases) to restore your guitar to original. Do you really want to risk your valuable instrument with someone who may be "learning on the job"?

  • Honesty. We will not sell you work that your guitar doesn't need. If you are interested in consigning a guitar with us, we will be honest about what your guitar is worth, whether that is more or less than you think. And if your guitar is not worth working on, we'll tell you that, too.

  • Quick turnaround. For minor work or maintenance, you can make an appointment so that you can have your instrument back the same day. For longer jobs, we will give you an honest estimate of the time your job will take, and communicate with you throughout the process.

And finally, our shop is climate controlled and insured, with a high grade security system. Your guitar will not be exposed to temperature changes, and will be safe while it is with us.


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