Monday, March 02, 2009

C.B. Perkins Toy and Game Corner

Since both Josh and Erick have kids, and since we have so many kids coming into our shop for lessons, we decided to add a toy corner to our shop.

Some of the toys are musical, like kid's Ukuleles, harmonicas, kazoos (c'mon, they're kind of musical!), and shaker eggs. Some of them are just fun, like tins with tiddlywinks, jacks, and marbles. We also have tops, jump ropes, and yo yos.

We have this really cool Victorian toy called a Wonderball, which includes four Classic American Girls’ activities. You unwind a ball of yarn to find treasures, charms and trinkets of the past. It includes a handbook with the history of the Wonderball, Cat’s Cradle string games, friendship bracelet patterns and more.

Oh, and there also some parlor games for grownups, like Golf, Football, and Baseball. These are great for travel, or playing at your local pub.

And true to C.B. Perkins tradition, they are all made in the USA!

We don't have this listed on our site yet, but we will soon.
Come in and check them out!


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