Monday, May 11, 2009

Meet our Teachers

We post a lot here about sales, and new things in our store, but we wanted to take a few minutes to talk about our 8 very talented guitar and bass teachers. They offer private lessons to students of all ages and abilities, covering nearly every style of music. Each lesson is half an hour long, and there are four lessons each month. Some teachers also offer hour-long workshops for more advanced students (by arrangement). When you sign up for lessons at our shop, we will help you find a teacher who will be a good fit for you or your child.

Well, without further ado, we'll introduce you to the teachers:

Kent Perkins:
When not building or repairing guitars, Kent teaches one-on-one workshop-style lessons in traditional chord solo guitar playing. As a professional guitarist with over 35 years of live performance experience, Kent offers a real-life approach to performing solo guitar. Kent accepts students of all ages and abilities. Kent has a very calming presence, and is great at explaining music theory. He challenges his students to stretch their abilities to the next level. Kent teaches guitar only.

Josh Perkins:
Josh has been teaching guitar at the family business since 1989. He is one of the areas hottest swing guitarists, and specializes in swing, hot jazz, blues, rockabilly, and various styles of rock. He takes students of all abilities. Josh can be heard playing with his band "JP and the Rhythm Chasers" at venues throughout the West Coast. Josh is very patient, and has a great ability to explain concepts to students in terms they can understand. Josh has an amazing amount of knowledge about the roots and origins of many styles of music, and is also familiar with current and popular music. Josh teaches guitar only.

Rick Silvestri
In addition to teaching all styles of guitar, Rick also serves as a bass instructor, teaching both electric and upright lessons. He specializes in rock, blues, and jazz, and takes students of all abilities. Rick has been teaching full time at C.B. Perkins Co. since 1997. He has performed with several premier Northern California rock and blues bands, as well as in local orchestras. Rick holds a Bachelor of Arts from Santa Clara University. Rick is very friendly and easy to work with, and because of his level of musical education, he can give his students a solid foundation in musical theory that will help them become better musicians.

Cris Snyder
Cris is a highly talented musician with extensive experience in entertaining live audiences in nightclubs, concert halls and theaters. He is also an experienced instructor with a great ability to communicate musical concepts clearly. Cris currently performs with Nuthin' Fancy, tribute to Lynyrd Skynrd (Bass, Vocals), Lydia Pense & Cold Blood (Bass), and California Dreamin' A Musical Journey Through the Golden State (Bass, Vocals). He has been studying guitar and bass since 1979. Cris is our newest instructor, and he is quickly developing a following. He has a very welcoming and outgoing personality, and his goal is not only to create educated musicians, but make his lessons enjoyable and fun for his students.

Chris Jordan
Chris has been playing guitar for twenty seven years and teaching guitar and bass for twenty years. He has performed with rock bands, jazz ensembles, and as a solo classical guitarist. Chris is currently studying composition, as well as performing in his own band and writing music. He is continually learning and experimenting with new ideas and material. Chris is well versed in theory and technique, and he also believes fun and creativity should accompany the learning process. If you are serious about improving your knowledge of music theory and honing your technique, Chris is the perfect teacher for you.

Karen Mollicone-White-Specializing in younger students
Karen was an elementary school teacher in the Oak Grove school district for 13 years, and has also been a student at C.B. Perkins Co. for many years. As an elementary school teacher, she was included in the 2005 edition of Who's Who Among America's Teachers. Karen is a talented guitar player with a gift for working with children. She is now retired from teaching, and we are pleased to have her on our team of guitar instructors. Karen has a great sense of humor, and the ability to put kids at ease and draw them in, making the experience of learning guitar very positive for her young students.

Tom Caprino
Tom has been playing guitar since the age of ten, and has over 40 years of playing experience. He studied under jazz guitarist Bud Dimock, and has been a side man for many recording artists over the years. Tom has also performed throughout the Bay Area for over 25 years, and has released two of his own CDs under the name Tom Casino. Tom has a very fun and engaging personality, and with his breadth of experience, he has a lot to offer his students. Tom accepts students of all ages and abilities.

Andres Faz
Andres is a master instructor, who has studied with composer Jose Villarreal and Juan Arevalo, Concert Master of the Mexico City Symphony Orchestra. He has over 60 years of playing experience. Andres specializes in Flamenco and Latin styles, along with fingerpicking style for Jazz standards. He focuses on more experienced students who would like to learn Flamenco and Latin style guitar, but he will also take beginners who want to learn these styles. It is our priviledge and honor to have him on our team of instructors. He is available to take a limited number of students, by arrangement.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our teachers. Now your assignment: come in and meet them for yourself, and while you're at it, sign up for lessons!


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