Tuesday, December 05, 2006

You've Bought The Best Christmas Gift...Now What?

It's that time of year when our customers are buying guitars for their loved ones, but have no idea where to hide this big gift. Inside the house is too vulnerable to snooping. The garage and car is definitely out because extreme temperature changes wreak havoc on guitars. Your friends at C.B. Perkins have this problem covered. You might not know of this service, but we store guitars through Christmas Eve at no extra cost to you. You and your guitar can rest assured. We keep our shop nice and cozy for your guitars at night.

On the same note, but slightly different. Sometimes we get calls from wives looking for their husbands at our shop. We have customers who are collectors and might need some extra time to break the news to the wife/husband/child that there is a new member of the guitar family is on the way. We at C. B. Perkins are here to serve you and your situations. We will deny this abeting to your spouse, significant other, children and anybody who asks. We'll just keep this between us.