Friday, August 14, 2009

1949 Gibson ES-5, a guitar with a soul!

We are so excited to have this guitar on consignment in our shop. We have known the owner since the 1960s. This guitar is really special, everyone who has played it has remarked on its incredible sound and feel.


The serial number would indicate that this is a 1950, but since the f-holes are unbound, it is from 1949. Also we have recently confirmed that there were less than 20 of these guitars built in 1949, so this is from the first series.

All the electronics are original except the output jack.

The master tone control knob is not original, but all other knobs are original

There is a non original bone nut installed, and the guitar has been refretted professional (by us), with the original fingerboard binding intact.

It has Grover Rotomatic tuning machines, not original, and the back of the headstock has been touched up where the original tuning machines were placed.

Other than that repair, all of the finish is stock.

The bridge is not original, and has been pinned to the top with small concealed pins (this can be reversed if desired)

The tailpiece is a non original, but factory tailpiece, so it fits with the style of the guitar really well.

Overall, this guitar is in really good condition. It has been lovingly played for many years by a gigging musician, and taken care of very well. It is most definitely a players guitar.

If you are looking for pristine collectors item, this guitar is not for you. But if you are a serious, gigging musician, or a hobbyist, you will love this guitar.

As you might have gathered, this guitar has special meaning to us, and we want to find a good home for it, where it will be played and appreciated. Come on in and check it out, or give us a call with questions. You can also see it on our online store.