Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Harbor Beach Company, Technical Background

Following up on the previous post about Harbor Beach Amplifiers, here is some more history of the company, along with detailed technical information about the amplifier design.

Harbor Beach Audio was developed in 1983 in Harbor Beach, Michigan.

The designers wanted to develop the ultimate speaker that had a common denominator with other speakers. They wanted the speed and efficiency of a folded horn, the low end extension of a transmission line without regressed sound,and the consistency of a ported system.

With our technology we were able to incorporate all these elements. With our ATC ( Advanced Transducer Control) musicians are able to fully express themselves in all their musical endeavors. Our ATC technology has the ability to control the transducer in any application by keeping a consistent amount of air pressure behind the transducer at all times.

By keeping this pressure tight over the driver we are able to out-perform conventional speakers in a variety of ways. Lower extension, tighter bass, higher efficiency, increased midrange, clarity due to less distortion. With HBA speakers you can expect a 30-40% increase in performance from our box to 98% of the competition.

Compare it for yourself, you will be pleased.